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Hasla – Earrings

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Hasla is a Norwegian jewelry brand with a distinct Scandinavian imprint and a strong connection to handcraft. Great design starts with a thought-through vision and high quality, and this is the core of the brand.

The name, Hasla Jewelry, originates from the family name in the inland of Norway and is runned by designer Anne Hasla and brand manager Gunnhild Hasla, who are sisters and work close together to create casual luxury pieces made to be worn and loved forever.
Haslas head designer, Anne Hasla, designs timeless jewelry based on a simple, stylish and Scandinavian design philosophy. The design is often inspired by the Norwegian nature and has a unique and modern expression.
Hasla Jewelry are constantly working on being more sustainable. All the metal used to make the jewelry is recycled and every piece of jewelry is delivered in eco friendly boxes.

Hasla use precious metals, 925 and 830 silver. Their plating is very durable, with 18K gold. However frequent use can cause the gilding (plating) to be worn of.
When your jewelry is used and stored properly, the gold color will last for a long time.
Gold plated jewelry will fade over time and become less gold colored. This is not considered a defect but just a sign of normal wear and tear.
In order to keep your jewelry looking shiny and new for years to come, it is important to avoid direct contact with water and chemical products, such as soap and perfume. Allso avoid makeup, perfume and hairspray. Remove your jewelry in the swimmingpool, jacuzzi, sauna/steam room or while bathing or showering.
When you are not wearing your jewelry, we advice you to store it in an airtight bag or in a jewelry box.