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BDM Studio – RINGS

BDM Studio jewelry is made in Paris.
The jewelry has forged a timeless style with the finely gilded pieces, embellished with rhinestones and semiprecious gems.
Their collections are suffused with raw delicacy, inescapably destined to be loved, and when you explore the different collections, you will find that BDM Studio Paris is for the high-end jewelry lover.

All of the BDM Studio jewelry is gilded with 24 K gold and plated gold 3 microns.
The jewelry does not like chemicals, cosmetics or perfumes and if you want to spare your jewelry don’t jump in the pool or go to the gym with it.
The gilding is made to last over time, but I may tend to fade. This is the result of perfectly normal natural wear. So think about letting your favorite jewelry from BDM Studio rest from time to time in their cotton pouch.
To clean a jewel, a simple soft dry cloth will revive all its luster.