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AYM – Necklaces

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AYM is a copenhagen based brand that embraces the spirit of the time. AYM’s collection are shaped by a modern simplicity and an international feel combined with a profound desire to explore new materials, new techniques and new trends. Always aiming higher.
AYM care about the footprints they leave behind, which is why they bio cellulose acetate in our collections.
We enjoy working with the celloulose acetate material as it allows us to play with various vibrant colors, creating interesting and unique patterns that comes to life in each piece of handcrafted jewelry. The cellulose acetate are produced in small batches to avoid any waste material or overproduction.
The raw cellulose acetate AYM use in their collections is made from a processed pulp and is 100% free of petroleum, lead, cadmium and phthalates.

Their zip pouches are designed around a zero waste concept and comes in 3 sizes, encouraging costumers to reuse it for various purposes. The smallest pouch is perfect for credit cards and the larger pouches can be used for make-up or as a travel purse, when you are on the move.